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Hello, I'm Bar and I'm happy to say that I'm interested in lot a of things. 

I'm a music school graduate ("Rimon School of music") and a professional musician with a band named "Wild Grace".

I Got an ACUM award for my music at 2019.

I love editing videos and I've learned a bit about architecture and a bit about computer science.


At first, I came across the UX profession. I've finished Tal Florentin's UX Vision course. An than got my first job as a Graphic Designer.

After a few months of designing content for social media at a cosmetics company. I felt the need to design and shoot my own images of our products in order to upgrade the authentic feel of the company's content. Than I started creating small video commercials. 

Now, video is my biggest strength. Thats what I love and that's what I do full time.

Creating content for businesses and musicians. 

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